2019 - Quetzalcoatl
New Features
  • Added a Dev.to integration that enables instant embeds into Dev.to blog posts.
  • Add an indicator for when a file or files could not be saved.
  • Added the ability to auto-open Jupyter notebooks.
  • Added a community site link to courses.
  • Added support for R in Jupyter Notebooks.
  • Added support for HTTP Basic Authentication to API.
  • Added basic pagination to sandbox list.
  • Fixed "Start Course" button on course pages skipping initial readings.
  • Fixed dropping images into Filestack popup causing drag and drop screen to get stuck.
  • Fixed adding existing users to account with uppercase emails not working.
  • Fixed Creator crashing when opening checks pane after selecting SQL stack.
  • Fixed Skulpt checks failing with "image not found" error.
Quetzalcoatl is a deity in Mesoamerican culture and literature whose name comes from the Nahuatl language and means "feathered serpent" or "Quetzal-feathered Serpent".
Source: Wikipedia