2020 - Fulgurotherium
Content Creator
Development Environment
Last week we made a few changes to the way we describe Next Tech's products! We have decided to simplify our offerings by removing references to "Next XYZ" and "Next Sandbox". Going forward, everything will be categorized directly under Next Tech, for example, "Next Tech coding sandboxes". All of our documentation has been updated to reflect this as well.
We also released a brand new website with additional pages describing how both our customers and individual users can utilize our platform, as well as a number of other stylistic improvements. Plus, we finally have an an About page! Come meet the team behind Next Tech here.
Okay, let's dive into the product changes!
Content Creator
New Features
  • Content creators can sync GitHub markdowns without replacing images.
  • Course-wide GitHub sync for instructions is now much faster!
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a UI bug in interaction with upload modal and overlay.
  • Fixed cursor continually moving moving to the end in GitHub sync settings.
  • Fixed task output not showing when previewing a content in the editor if "Share Checks" is disabled.
Development Environment
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed tab trap attempting to cover tab bar for terminal.
  • Fixed new files not being set as the active file when the directory sidebar was disabled.
Fulgurotherium is the name given to a genus of dinosaur from the Early Cretaceous Griman Creek Formation. It lived in what is now Australia. The type species, Fulgurotherium australe, was named by Friedrich von Huene in 1932.
Source: Wikipedia.