Content Platform
Learning Environment
APIs, Reports, & Integrations
Content Creator
New Features:
  • Added the ability to copy courses into your creator account with a single click (details here!).
  • Added support for an account "manager" role.
  • Added the ability to pull updates to source content for content copies.
  • Added a toolbox sidebar inside the Creator to clean up the page and unify the location of a number of different tools.
  • Added Jest to HTML/CSS/JavaScript and Node stacks.
  • Converted check code editor from a text area to an actual code editor.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed GitHub instructions not syncing for some large courses.
Learning Environment
New Features:
  • Added a search bar for the catalog page.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed code patterns are not wrapping in EdgeHTML (note: EdgeHTML is not a supported browser).
API, Reports, & Integrations
New Features:
  • Added support for passing custom metadata to the access tokens endpoint (docs here).
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed contents from deleted courses still showing up in API requests.
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Source: Wikipedia.