Fast and easy course copying
Content Platform
Copying content from a course into the Creator ― once a manual process that required Next Tech's support ― is now possible in a single click. This allows you to quickly sample Next Tech's courses, and more importantly, build your own library of pre-created course material that your account's content creators can use to get started.
Here are the instructions for how to do each of these!
Sampling Next Tech content
To try Next Tech's content, your account admin will first need to check the
Enable Course Copying
option on your organization's page. You will then be shown this button on Next Tech's course pages:
Screenshot from 2020-09-08 17-10-34
Once you click this button, you will be shown a link that will take you directly to the copied content in the Creator. For larger courses, you may need to wait a moment for the copy to finish.
Using Account Content
This new functionality allows you to create "template" courses content creators on your account can use as a starting point for their own courses. This can help reduce course creation time and illustrate best practices you want your course authors to follow.
To get started, as an account admin or manager, from the course's page in the Creator, click
View in Catalog
. From the catalog page, click
Edit Details
, then enable the "Published" option. Account admins, managers, and editors will now be able to see this course in the catalog and copy it into their Creator.