March / April 2019
Hello all! We have a
to cover in this changelog, as we've fallen behind with updates recently. So much has happened since the last time we posted one, so we're going to list everything here, and then certain topics we'll cover in more detail in separate posts.
Additionally, we'll be using a new format for changelog releases going forward. We're deprecating the use of semantic versioning because with our multiple products that all overlap, complexity abounds. So in the interest of keeping things simple, we'll be using named versions going forward, corresponding to the week of the year we do the current release.
We've decided to use mythological creatures and will have (around) 26 versions a year, which is 52 weeks / 2 = 26, which conveniently is the number of letters in the alphabet. So the next version we'll be releasing is "Ipotane".
Okay, here's what's happened in the last couple months!
New Features
Bug Fixes
  • Addressed several memory leaks in project interface.
  • Disable snippet runs when the sandbox has been shutdown.
  • Fix memory alert font color in content editor.
  • Fixed bug in GitHub logins for users with no names.
  • Fixed chmod/chown not being applied during sandbox launches.
  • Fixed help tour skipping Codey introduction.
  • Fixed scrolling bug in code editor for Firefox.
  • Removed extra spacing atop videos.
  • Removed thin white line that sometimes appeared in projects.
  • On-boarded Joe, our new Systems Engineer!
  • Improved the speed of a core piece of our infrastructure by 20x (isn't tech fun?) ― soon to be 100x.
  • Switched to BEM standard for our CSS.
  • Switched to CSS grid layouts.
  • Switched to CSS variables.
  • Updated documentation and added documentation for Sandbox.