New pricing model
For a long time, Next Tech serviced only enterprise customers in a "B2B2C" fashion, meaning we sell our products to companies who in turn bundle it up and sell it to their users.
However, over the last six months we've begun to work on building our own users base that get direct access to our content library and now our Sandbox product.
We debated between a subscription and usage-based pricing model for some time, and in the end went with usage-based. Specifically, we now charge $0.01 per minute you are actually on the page ― meaning that you have the page focused ― with a sandbox or lesson open.
You can learn more about how this works here.
Upon sign up you'll also receive $10 in free credits. And you can refer others to earn more!
Note that this does not affect our enterprise pricing model. That is still billed based on the amount of time a code environment is live vs actively used and pricing is negotiated on a per-contract basis.