A few weeks ago we announced we'd be rolling out a whole new domain for our container infrastructure, and now, we're excited to introduce you to ! 🐣
This domain is a tad shorter than its predecessor (sandbox.codevolve.com). It also aligns perfectly with its counterpart domain, . The core concepts behind both of these domains are:
  • : BUILD something! nt.dev/python will jump you right into a coding environment for Python, for example.
  • : HOST something! This whole domain is as short as a TLD like
    , so your website on Next Tech is essentially just running on a funky TLD.
Currently, domains still use a session token for the computing environment you're in, so they look something like this:
(you may also note that there are now 2
's before the port number instead of 1)
Perhaps not the prettiest (unless pseudo-randomly generated hex values are your thing), but we have some really exciting changes to this in the works. So stay tuned later this month for that announcement!
Also part of our previous announcement was that all historical domains (namely, codevolve.com) now forward to our not-so-new snazzy domain, next.tech. That's done too!